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Water Ripple

What My Clients Have to Say

 Rina helped me on two occasions: once for general home organization, and then for move out / move-in services. I cannot recommend her enough! I'm a busy working single mom and don't exactly have a knack for home organizing and decor. Rina always has great and practical suggestions using the things you have already, and affordable recommendations for taking your space to the next level. Her assistance moving was invaluable, both for packing efficiently and carefully with my most valuable items, and then quickly getting my kitchen and dining area set up so that it was organized, useful and beautiful immediately after I moved in. Rina always follows up with a reminder 'to do' and shopping list that keeps the momentum going and simply enjoying your space more! I will definitely be hiring her again in the future - a worthwhile investment that has a lasting impact.'

~ Morgan,  VP Strategic Communications

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