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What to wear with those 10 colors…

Updated: May 12, 2021

  1. Violet – Best Way to Wear It: Violet looks great in cozy knits like sweaters and scarves, and as a bright alternative for cocktail dresses. Violet works perfectly with dark neutrals, so it’s ideal as a color pop under a black, gray or navy jacket.

  2. Bright Blue – Best Way to Wear It: Bright blue makes a great after-five color, especially when it’s done up in shiny fabrics. But it also works for everything from basic tees to wool coats. Bright blue is also the perfect accent color for accessories.

  3. Purple – Best Way to Wear It: Don’t save deep purple just for colder months (although it looks rich in the fall and winter). A darker shade of purple adds a jolt of sophistication to work wear (pair a purple blouse with a pencil skirt) and casual wear (purple goes great with denim).

  4. Teal – Best Way to Wear It: On it’s own teal makes a delicious rich color, but it’s even better as a print (especially paisley.) Pair teal with neutrals like chocolate brown or camel for a polished mix.

  5. Burgundy – Best Way to Wear It: Mix burgundy pieces with luxe prints (brocades, paisleys, silk stripes) for a regal look. Opt for career separates using burgundy as a neutral (mixes with colors like charcoal gray and olive).

  6. Magenta – Best Way to Wear It: Almost anything in the pink family of colors looks beautiful close to your face, but magenta also works as an accent color for accessories.

  7. Pink – Best Way to Wear It: Wear pink head-to-toe if you love a feminine vibe or in small doses (tie a pink scarf close to your face) for a less girly look. Pink mixes great with neutrals and denim; it even translates perfectly to cocktail dressing.

  8. Blush – Best Way to Wear It: Blush colors translate beautifully to sheer or silky fabrics, so they work great for dressier occasions. Because skin tone colors can look bare, you’re best to skip them for the office.

  9. Bronze – Best Way to Wear It: A bit of bronze goes a long way, so save it for accent pieces (a cami or a skirt) or wear it close to your face as a scarf.

  10. Coral - Best Way to Wear It: Coral is luscious for warm weather and mixes perfectly with other mid-tone bright like turquoise.

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