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Feng Shui Tips - Wearing Auspicious Colors

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Now some of you may not be a believer of this ancient Chinese practice and some of you may…at any rate I am a total believer of this practice and I would like to share a few tips with all of you. Here we go! When the day is auspicious, enhance the element of the day and, when it is inauspicious, exhaust the element of the day.

Take a note that Red is fire, Yellow is earth, Green is wood, and Black and Blue are water. White and Metallic are metal. So, for example, if the day is auspicious for you and its element is fire wear red for good fortune. If the day is inauspicious wear blue or black to deflect bad luck.

Combining Colors: There are also some particularly auspicious color combinations, which I will indicate below… all these are excellent. They create a positive harmony that will attract lucky chi towards YOU!

One can vary the shades of the colors stated below – for example, you might want to combine a golden yellow with a russet red. The combinations will enhance your yang chi, attracting people to YOU and creating success in all areas of your life.

Here are the color combinations:

Blue or Black with Green Brown and Red Red and Yellow White and Black

I’ve worn most of these combinations in the past, and let me tell YOU I’ve had people check me out and smile at me for no apparent reason, it sure does make you feel good for that moment and for the rest of the day!

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