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10 colors that compliment your skin tone…

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I’ve been paying a lot more attention to color than ever before. Namely, I’ve all but given up my beloved black. Turquoise, grey, purple, coral, chocolate, white: these are my new go-to colors. If you really want to shake up your wardrobe, the best way to do it is by injecting beautiful colors into your everyday look.

  1. Violet: A little bit of purple, a touch of blue: this flattering hue is soft enough to work on any complexion but vivid enough to brighten features.

  2. Bright Blue: Sure, it’s bright and bold, but blue is such a wearable color for most skin tones that it works (unlike other bright like lime green).

  3. Purple: A rich jewel tone, deep purple flatters everyone from dark skin tones to fairer skin.

  4. Teal: Redheads, blondes and brunettes: all look fantastic in this yummy shade of blue-green.

  5. Burgundy: Perfect for drama, this deep red shade of wine (also called maroon) is a showstopper for evening wear.

  6. Magenta: Magenta is easier to wear than neon pink or ultra-bright fuchsia, but still has plenty of pop.

  7. Pink: Pink is the ultimate fountain of youth: it adds a fresh glow to any women who wears it.

  8. Blush: A pinkish skin tone blush is sexy on for either delicate or strong skin and hair colors.

  9. Bronze: Silver and gold may steal most of the metallic spotlight, but bronze looks better on most women because of its warm undertones.

  10. Coral: Easier to pull off than bright orange, a soft coral looks pretty with both tan or deep skin tones and fairer skin.


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