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 A lightbulb moment...

My first experience with providing wardrobe and organizational help dates back to my late teens when I noticed that several of my friends were living in disheveled bedrooms. I found it affected my mood to see their stuff piled up everywhere or on the floor. Without realizing it, I automatically would start to pick up their things and place them where they belonged in a systematic order. 

Before I knew it, I was giving my friends suggestions on how to organize the items in their drawers and closets. At the same time, I would suggest tips on how to wear clothes that suited one’s body type. My friends told me repeatedly that I have a keen eye for wardrobe styling and I'm a natural at organizing.  


My experience motivated me to help others and nurture them towards energizing their living space and updating their personal style. I turned my hobby into a business, and I enjoy seeing the difference in people’s moods once they’ve developed new habits and choices. I love seeing my clients gain confidence and happiness as we make subtle changes. I like to help each client live as the person they truly want to be.




                                              ~ Rina 

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